Campbells Rutherglen Topaque 375ml CONFIRM VINTAGE

Tokay Rutherglen Victoria
Campbell's Topaque bears a venerable oval logotype symbolizing the great vineyards of Australia's most distinguished wine growing region at Rutherglen. The skillful art of blending old barrels Tokay, handed down to Colin Campbell by his forebears, is painstakingly carried out to ensure consistency of quality and provenance of the Campbell style. A luxurious compilation of aged Tokay stocks from a number of vintages, assembed into the richest and most complex accord of lusciously wicked, fruit filled indulgence.
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Pure Rutherglen Topaque Muscadelle from Campbells Rutherglen vineyards. The fortified cellarworks at Campbell's remain the domain of ancient barrels gently nurturing their precious contents for decade upon decade of ageing to mellow maturity. Each vintage the tokay grapes are left on the vine to fully ripen until raisined and laden with natural sugar. The resulting wine is then blended with wines from previous vintages to produce a consistent house style. Alcohol 17.5%
A deep, brilliant old gold colour. A bouquet of lifted toffee, honey and cold tea characters combine to produce the unique character of Rutherglen Topaque. Toffee and tea-leaf characters predominate on the front of the palate with a cleansing hint of spirit and old oak on the finish. Blended for optimum flavour and balance prior to bottling, this wine will not improve with further cellaring and should be enjoyed upon release.
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