Yellow Tail Bubbles

Riverina New South Wales
[Yellow tail] are recognised around the world for their approachable style and consistent high quality. [yellow tail bubbles] are fun, friendly and ready to be enjoyed everyday. A freshly fruit driven sparkler that emulates the approachable, easy going attitudes of today's fun and fashionable lifestyles, [yellow tail bubbles] will excel at every occasion. So if you're 25+ and predominantly female, urban based and unpretentious, an early adapter who likes to have fun and enjoy life, [bubbles] is your perfect partner for enjoyment everyday.
Fruit is sourced from good vineyards which are highly specialised to yield grapes specifically for sparkling wines. Harvested at optimum flavour ripeness in the cool of night to preserve delicate fruit flavours, and quickly transported to the winery, bunches are pressed, chilled and settled to remove solids. Batches are cold fermented to retain fruit aromas, clarified upon completion and treated to the Charmat process, a secondary fermentation at lower temperature in pressurised vessels. Once the wine has reached the desired sweetness and level of effervescence, it is stabilised and estate bottled, restricting any contact with oxygen to preserve the fine fruit characters.
Excellent effervescence, fine persistent bead. A pleasantly fragrant wine, tantalizing aromas and lifted flavours of tropical fruit, a medium dry/ sweet palate with a delightfully crisp finish. This luscious and lively wine will complement all occasions, as aperitif or with food. Match with nibbles or dessert, [Yellow tail] turns any occasion into an event, always at its best when shared with friends.
Yellow Tail
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