Cleanskin Yarra Valley Chardonnay 2012 CONFIRM 2012 VINTAGE

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Chardonnay Yarra Valley Victoria
Good growers know that to produce exceptional wines, they must start with top quality fruit. The scale of operations for most Yarra Valley vineyards borders on the boutique, making impracticable the automation which other regions enjoy. Hands on viticulture and a reliance on the vagaries of mother nature may be traditionalist and old hat, but close contact with the vines yields the finest fruit. A Chardonnay that's elegant with exuberant aromas of stonefruit and vanilla, closely followed by a buttery palate of cashews and citrus, melon and peach.
Yarra Valley Chardonnay is a distinctive Australian style of wine, complex, fruit driven and food friendly. Crafted by devoted winemakers and growers who utilize organic methods in their vineyards and practise traditional as well as modern techniques throughout the vinification. A number of tasks are still done by hand, cultivation, pruning and picking, hand pressing, plunging and racking. The care and attention as well as the foibles that are part of the winemaking process, give good wines their personality. Through good viticultural practices the fruit is made to ripen to great levels of concentration, translating into a finished Chardonnay of good complexity and fine balance.
Pale straw hue. A fine bouquet of peaches and melon, limes and nuttyness. This elegant Chardonnay has a creamy palate brimming with citrus, vanillan and delicate butter character. A bright and zesty, medium bodied wine with a rich front palate that continues smoothly with great length and power to finish on supple hints of hawthorn and toast. A Chardonnay that's well ahead in it's class, drinking beautifully on release.
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