Cleanskin King Valley Pinot Grigio 2015 CONFIRM 2015 VINTAGE

Pinot Gris Grigio King Valley Victoria
King Valley is source to Australia's most exuberant Pinot Grigio wines. The descendants of Italian migrants seem to have retained their traditional flair and intimate understanding of this splendid food friendly style. Here we have a generously flavoured Grigio crafted by one of the King Valley's more auspicious winemaking estates, recently assigned a breathtaking five star rating by gentleman James Halliday. The palate is clean and crisp with a luxurious minerality supporting all the requisite mix of ripe pear, stonefruit and nut characters.
One of the best values in fine Pinot Grigio wines to be found anywhere, its defined cool climate King Valley regionality and vivacity of fruit make it as personable as the cheerful winemaking team who husbanded the vines and managed the vinification. Minimalist handling techniques and exacting standards of viticulture have achieved a fully integrated Grigio wine with distinctive varietal fruit, ample complexity and cleansing finish. Pinot Grigio is particularly well suited to the mesoclimes of King Valley. The varietal was originally discovered by monks in France, its popularity soon spread to Italy, where it continues to be crafted into the stylish fruit forward styles of the Friuli region.
Light straw with green edges. Lovely nose of white peaches and honeydew, delicate lemon and lime aromas. Crisp and invigorating on the palate with distinctive pungent honey and hay characters, offering rich mouthfeel, quenching minerality and resplendent acid in fine balance.
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