Glera Veneto Italy
The wines of Veneto can boast a long history which dates back millenia, to ancient cultures who planted grapes and worshipped the deities of the vine. The savvy team from Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi assemble parcels of Glera grapes grown to soils which have been yielding harvests of the finest fruit for centuries. Much more than simply a wine, Canti Prossecco represents the embodiement of a style, a celebration of youth and an embrace of the sensual, an indulgence for those who love to live their lives by the post modern values of la dolce vita.
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The vintners Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi SpA are one of the most significant Italian winemakers. Located at Cossano Belbo, in the heart of Langhe district, an area of extraordinary beauty with a long tradition of fine wines, their skilled and dedicated team employ a combination of traditional and cutting edge vinification techniques. Canti begins with the selection of fruit and pressing of grapes, sourced from an inventory of estate owned properties and vineyards operated by the best growers in Veneto. Canti Prosecco is crafted to the traditional Charmat method, completing it's primary ferments in tank before undergoing a secondary inoculation under pressure to achieve it's distinctive effervescence. Alcohol 11.5%
Light straw yellow hue, a fine and persistent perlage. A pleasant and aromatic bouquet of citrus and limes, apples and white fleshed stone fruit. Dry and pleasantly fruity, crisp with floral and mineral hints, the palate offers lively expressions of citrus and peach, finishing on a note of refreshing, crisp acidity. The ideal aperitif wine, add a dash of peach puree to make the luscious Bellini cocktail which is traditionally served throughout Italian festivities.
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