Yarran Heathcote Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 CONFIRM 2016 VINTAGE

Cabernet Sauvignon Heathcote Victoria
Yarran of Yenda are a Riverina operation with the scope and initiative to source the pick of Heathcote's harvest, for a Cabernet Sauvignon of exuberant bouquets and palpable weight of fruit. Following tours of duty across progressive winegrowing regions as disparate as California's Sonoma Valley and the vanguards of viticulture in China, Sam Brewer has developed an eye for identifying bespoke vineyard parcels of outstanding merit and potential. A forward drinking style of Cabernet, lined with aromatic French oak and supported by a length of refined, silky tannins.
Creative winemaking and a consuming passion to preserve the provenance of fruit, as influenced by the vagaries of terroir and clime, drive the Yarran team to set higher standards at every vintage. With each passing year, the wines of Yarran continue to evolve into more profound editions, an articulate expression of nature, sunshine and soil. Parcels of Cabernet Sauvignon are crushed and settled for a term of cold soak for optimal extraction of flavour, colour and tannin. Batches are inoculated and treated to a course of vinification before transfer to a selection of French oak barrels for completion of ferments and extended maturation, followed by assemblage into the finished wine.
Deep scarlet red. Cassis and blueberry bouquets, suet and festive cakes over a background of mintyness, fragrant varietal leaf and cedar spice. Black berry and currant flavours, well supported by silken textures and a framework of integrated French oak, its refined stately tannins and long elegant finish, make Yarran the wine of choice to match with marbled scotch fillet or succulent garlic leg of lamb.
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