Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa 2015 CONFIRM 2015 VINTAGE

Muscat Frontignac Cienna Murray Valley Victoria
Fashioned from Muscat of Alexandria grapes with a small percentage of Cienna to blush the wine a steamy Rosé colour. Cienna is a hybrid of Cabernet Sauvignon and the rare Spanish varietal Sumoll, developed by Australia's CSIRO. Together they translate into a sunny pink wine of moderate alcohol that's cheery and ripe with sultry red berry characters. Moscato Rosa is so delicate and fresh that it's irresistible on its own. With food, it makes the perfect match to any recipes which incorporate fruit. Unbeatable with pizza.
Muscat of Alexandria is part of the exotic Muscat family, many clones have been cultivated in Australia for as long as grapes have been grown here. The Romans are believed to have given the grape its name as they found its distinctive aroma akin to that of musk, and hence called it Moscato - smelling of musk. If harvested early, it produces delicate, perfumed and crisp, dry white table wines, but if left to hang on the vines for several weeks longer it produces rich flavoursome dessert styles. Parcels of Muscat of Alexandria grapes with a lesser component of Cienna are harvested at heightened levels of baume, to be briskly vinified and bottled upon completion. Alcohol 7.0%
Vibrant strawberry pink hue. Rose petal and red berry aromas along with freshly crushed grapes, a spicy perfume dominates the nose. These characters follow through to the palate along with a fruitiness balanced by acidity and spritz. A wine of universal appeal, the retained carbon dioxide gives a mild frizzante achieving a lively, fresh wine. Serve well chilled and enjoy while young and vibrant.
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