Bellarmine Chardonnay CONFIRM VINTAGE

Chardonnay Pemberton Western Australia
Bellarmine jugs were used throughout the middle ages to carry wine from oak cask to table. The Bellarmine property at Pemberton was planted entirely by hand, vines were trained from ground up, to expose the ripening grapes to optimal sunshine. The terroirs and clime here are a Chardonnay maker's dream come true. Soils are red gravel laterite, offering excellent drainage while providing warmth to the vine root systems at night, courtesy of heat that the gravels have absorbed during the day. A lightly oaked wine, highly evocative of the dry and fruity Chablis style.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
Chardonnay is sourced exclusively from Bellarmine vineyard in the high quality cool climate region of Pemberton. Fruit is harvested throughout the cool of night. Juices are gently pressed off skins and separated from the harder solids. Juices are cold settled for two days, the clear juices are racked away from lees and innoculated. A portion is transferred to oak for vinification, the balance remains in tank. Ferments are temperature controlled to achieve a gradual drop in sugar levels whilst retaining maximum flavour. Upon completion, the wines are battonaged to infuse complexity and introduce a touch of creaminess, followed by a term of maturation in a selection of new and seasoned French oak barrels.
Pale yellow hues. Stonefruits and nectarine, citrus with subtle oak. Complex palate with citrus, green apple, and nectarine flavours. Subtle spicy oak, tight acidity and a creamy texture, supported by crisp minerality, extended palate length and persistence of flavour. Enjoy with crispy skin roast chicken, crackling pork or fine wet cheese.
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