Bellussi Prosecco Sparkling Bianco CONFIRM VINTAGE

Prosecco Italian Spumante Italy
The Bellussi Spumante sparkling wine obtained from the Prosecco grape, which comes exclusively from the restricted DOC Area of Conegliano - Valdobbiadene. The hilly, clay ridden limestone of the region, together with a cool Mediterranean microclimate and unique exposure to the sun gives this wine a rare structural elegance and a remarkably refined bouquet, further enhanced by a careful sparkling process using the Charmat method. A grand aperitif, table or dessert wine that is also greatly enjoyed at any festive occasion.
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A sparkling white wine obtained from the Prosecco grape using the Charmat method in autoclave. This spumante is the epitome of Prosecco, where the harmony of its elegant body is accompanied by a delicate bouquet. The freshness and fragrance of this wine, together with a fine and persistent perlage, make it ideal for any occasion. Harvest is from 20th September to 10th October according to the vintage. The wine is fermented before a light pressing yielding a 70% maximum output. Best enjoyed within one year of production and up to two years. Acidity 6g/L Alcohol 11.5% Sugar 15g/l.
Straw yellow with greenish hints and limey gold robes. Nose of apple and green tea mint, papaya and tropical stonefruits. Lemon citrus honey nuances prepare the palate for a slightly sweetened introduction, awash with characteristic Mediterranean mousse. Effervescence is plentiful but not overwhelming and the natural fruit sweetness is uncloying and perfectly offset by it's charmingly old world acidity. There is a late arrival of dark forest berries and soily Blackforest woody characters that surprise the palate with a charming and unexpected complexity. A vivacious wine, and perfectly suited to both light or rich cuisines.
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