Billecart Salmon Grande Cuvee 1998 CONFIRM 1998 VINTAGE

Chardonnay Pinot Noir Champagnes Ay France
The finest Champagne can only be crafted slowly, and with infinite patience. Since inaugural release Grande Cuvee has exposed its graceful figure to an elite retinue of informed wine lovers. This great Champagne, produced from the finest sites of selected Grands crus, comes into its own after spending ten years in bottle under the estate's Chais at Mareuil-sur-Ay. Billecart-Salmon earns the title of Grand Cru through a meticulous selection of grapes, crafted into the most exclusive matrimony of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
Billecart-Salmon evokes the cult of the grape, the noblesse of Champagne, pleasure, finesse, and the notion of splendour. Billecart-Salmon aims for excellence, it manifests itself through the harmonious balance of impressions, and of flavours. On the strength of it's traditions, Billecart-Salmon has chosen to ferment the Grande crus selected by the cellar master Francois Domi, in small Burgundy casks that have already seen several wines. The bottles are then aged in an extensive network of cellars hewn deep into the chalk, dating from the 17th to 19th centuries. Here the temperature is constant, relatively low at around 12C, encouraging the production of fine effervescence.
Delights the eye with the harmony of its gold hue and supreme finesse of mousse. It then surprises with a complex, expressive nose, a mix of ripe fruit and toasty flavours. The attack is fine and distinguished, gradually allowing all the power and vivacity to excite the tongue. Delicate and genteel, yet forceful and intensely flavoured, long and lingering, with creamyness and toastyness, the remarkably long and clinging palate showing a fine, grainy texture. Power and finesse make Grande Cuvee a perfectly balanced wine. As a partner to life's most special occasions, Grande Cuvee will nurture the bond and enshrine the moment.
Billecart Salmon
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