Black Bottle Australian XO Brandy 700ml

Cognac Brandy
Aussie XO? You bet, it's a bit of an industry secret that Australian winemakers have had a long and propitious association with crafting bespoke, reserve stocks of the finest Brandy. Assembled from components, thirty years and more of age, matured in extravagant Limousin oak casks, coopered within the forests of Cognac. Black Bottle are one of the nation's most enduring marques in fine spirit, Black Bottle XO represents an opportunity for the discerning connoisseur to luxuriate in the fruit of a century and a half in the art of fine Brandy making.
Available in cartons of three
Case of 3
Black Bottle XO has accumulated over twenty trophy wins at national and international fine spirit competitions since inaugural release. Distilled from a selection of component wines, vinified from parcels of Doradilla, Palomino and Sultana grapes, harvested off choice warm climate vineyards, specially trained for the yielding of fruit that's ideal for fine Brandy. Upon completion of ferments, the base wines are transferred to traditional pot stills for a course of double distillation, followed by extended maturation in premium French Limousin oak casks. A twenty one year old spirit forms the foundation, further stocks in excess of thirty years are included to contribute an added measure of complexity, richness and flavour.
Deep tawny amber hue. Cocoa, jaffa and scorched citrus nose, rosewood and almond notes. Warming palate of currant fruit characters, anjelica peel and ginger, chocolateyness, honeycomb and vanilla. A lingering, seemingly endless palate, resolving on a length of gentle spiced oak in support of the rancio fruit finish.
Black Bottle
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