Black Bottle Brandy 700ml

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Black Bottle Brandy gets its distinctive flavour and smoothness from the method of making. Produced from Doradillo and Grenache grapes the base wine is run through a continuous still, then a large proportion of the blend is double distilled, using a pot still, recognised as the best quality distillation method. Black Bottle Brandy is a consistent performer on the show circuit having won a total of 2 Trophies, 16 Gold Medals, 24 Silver Medals and 41 Bronze Medals.
All components are matured for a minimum of 2 years in oak hogsheads which adds further complexity to the brandy before blending and bottling in the familiar “Black Bottle” From fruit grown at McLaren Vale Alcohol 37.5% Doradillo 60% Grenache 40%
Colour is a clear and luscious pale amber with good depth. The nose exhibits a distinctively pot still character with a hint of oiliness. A very full aroma balanced by subtle oak overtones. A smooth brandy showing fullness and roundness typical of its pot still production. Soft, attractive oak characters complement the blend producing a well balanced superior Australian brandy.
Black Bottle
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