Brands Laira Sauvignon Blanc 2015 CONFIRM 2015 VINTAGE

Sauvignon Blanc Adelaide Hills South Australia
Nestled amongst the undulating, mist shrouded slopes and higher, cool ripening aspects of Adelaide Hills, are choice microclimes for harvests of the most effulgent Sauvignon Blanc, brimming with crisp vegetable and juicy tropical characters. The award winning McWilliams team take great delight in the collation of the finest parcels, to be crafted into a redolent Sauvignon Blanc wine that drinks magnificently while young and fresh, ideally alongside goat cheese recipes or the freshest seafood.
McWilliams endeavour to isolate premier Adelaide Hills vineyards, with a proven record for an exuberant style of Sauvignon Blanc, vines that are age worthy and can demonstrate healthy growth. Harvested throughout the cool of late evening and earliest hours of morning, grapes are gently pressed, the juices are cold settled to maintain clarity and preserve intensity of flavour. Controlled cool ferments at temperatures of 12°C to 15°C are employed to enhance the distinctive Adelaide Hills aromatics. Upon completion, batches are rested on yeast lees to develop creamy textures and infuse complexity, followed by assemblage into the finished wine and a course of filtration.
Bright pale straw with light green hues. Juicy Adelaide Hills passionfruit aromatics dominate over a background of flinty, snow pea notes, supported by underlying tropical fruit characters. Intensely savoury flavours of snow peas and dried green herb with a finely rounded textured palate that's balanced by a crisp citrus finish. Perfect with prawns and brilliant with brie.
Brands Laira
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