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Shiraz Grenache Cabernet Sauvignon Carignane Mataro Milawa Victoria
The richness of Shiraz and the softness of Grenache together with smaller quantities of Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignane, Mataro and other varieties, combine together in the Port Soleras at Milawa to produce this Tawny style Port. The fortifying grape spirit is subtle and the wood maturation of this young tawny port has enhanced the developed qualities of the wine. The Reserve Port is drawn from a labyrinthine complex of soft old wines stored under the Brown Brothers cellars in barrel, and blended with fruity young wines into a warm nutty, and satisfyingly rich old Port.
The concept of age in relation to wood-age is an important factor, which determines the flavour, richness of quality and price. One can say that the average age of wines used in the less expensive blends is around two to three years; for a medium quality, four or more; and for the finer blends, ten to twenty year old material would be used. But a young wine, say three or four years old, made up of a blend of three base wines, could in fact, contain a total of fifteen or so wines, since each of the major components is, itself, a blended result of a number of different wines of various ages and varieties.
This Reserve Port is a light tawny brown with a slight olive green rim. On the nose it has delicious aromas of dried apricot, date, prune and a hint of mocha. On the palate this delectable port is ample and rich with dried fruit and rancio flavours, indicating a wholesome integration of mature blended port material. It is not a cloying port, with sweetness balanced by the drying sensations that is derived from long ageing in oak barrels. The wine finishes with a spicy, warming, spirit sensation on the back palate. Port is the traditional after dinner wine with coffee. This port would also be delightful with a platter of dried fruits and nuts or a light blue cheese.
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