Brown Brothers Dolcetto Syrah 2016 CONFIRM 2016 VINTAGE

Dolcetto Shiraz Milawa Heathcote Victoria
Dolcetto is a unique Italian grape which hails from the mountain sides of Piedmont. Grown to high country Victorian vineyards by the Brown Brothers, it's establishing a following beyond all expectations. Blended with Syrah and served slightly chilled, it makes a sensational, slightly spritzy aperitif and all occasion refresher. A versatile partner to a wide range of foods including paella or cajun fish, this lively wine offers a generous palate with ripe summer berry characters, a savvy touch of residual sweetness and delightful frizzante finish.
Dolcetto translates into little sweet one, although the Italians generally make dry red wines from the variety. Brown Brothers, attracted to its vibrant red colour and attractive flavours of ripe summer berries, has opted to blend the precocious Dolcetto with a component of Syrah to produce a youthful, distinctively fruit driven wine. Parcels of Dolcetto and Shiraz grapes are harvested from highly specialized vineyards at ripe levels of baume sugar levels. Parcels are treated to a brisk, temperature controlled vinification, arrested just before palate dryness to retain a little natural sweetness and petulant carbon dioxide, to be bottled immediately upon completion. Alcohol 10.5%
Bright magenta colour. Prominent cherry and berry aromas, lifted bouquets of red jubes, blackcurrant, red berries and hints of spice. A silky, juicy palate full of fresh summer berries and depth of flavour, Shiraz contributes length and ensures that the wine is not cloying. Natural grape sweetness is balanced by frizzante mouthfeel and refreshing, lively finish. A match to sweet desserts and savoury cuisine, nibbles, fresh fruit and cheese.
Brown Brothers
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