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Some precious old blocks of ancient vine Grenache still remain after a government sponsored program to cull unproductive vineyards during the 1980s. Yielding excruciatingly small harvests of the most characterful fruit, these wizzened old veterans deliver small batch vintages which are evocative of the old world classics from Côtes du Rhône. The enduring Wirra Wirra were established 1894, their eclectic range belies the splendour of small parcels which are separately handled and bottled for exclusive release. The Absconder draws fruit from vines planted a century ago, it merits a breathing and decant, an articulation about the sublime excellence of old vine Australian Grenache... The compelling case for old vines grenache»
Hurtle Walker first picked grapes as a ten year old on the celebrious Magill property in 1900. Apprenticed to the legenderies Monsieur Duray and Leon Mazure, Walker was placed in charge of sparkling wine production for the historic Auldana Cellars at the ripe old age of 21. He saw service as a soldier in World War I and made great wine until 1975. Hurtle Walker's grandson continues the family tradition, partnering with Jimmy Watson winner David O'Leary to acquire the most auspicious Clare Valley vineyards and establish one of the nation's leading marques. Between the two, O'Leary and Waker have claimed every prestigious accolade in the land, a breathtaking tally of dozens national Trophies and countless competition Gold. They remain the quiet achieving tour de force behind the most memorable vintages and outstanding values in Clare Valley Cabernet, Riesling and.. The illustrious pair of valley clare»

Buller Calliope Durif CONFIRM VINTAGE

Durif Rutherglen Victoria
Calliope is the name of the original vineyard established by Reginald Langdon Buller in 1921. Calliope is also the Buller estate flagship, reserved for outstanding vintages. Durif has been grown at Rutherglen for over a century, arguably the world's most precious enclave, due to the long standing phyloxera quarantine. Rutherglen Durif is famous throughout the world, Calliope continues to endure as a wine of concentrated dark plum and brambleberry fruit, supported by the most statuesque, lingering tannins.
Available in cases of 6
Case of 6
A hybrid grape with a curious history, Dr Durif originally crossed Shiraz with Peloursin in France during the latter part of the nineteenth century, creating a wonderfully fungus resistent varietal. The resultant wines proved not to be to French tastes and the Durif grape found it's way to vineyards in the new world. The Calliope property is famous for producing memorable, full bodied red wines, the most precious parcel of the Buller vineyards. The quality of Durif, picked off the distinguished Calliope block makes an outstanding wine, immediately evident even as the grapes are crushed. Components are matured two years in a selection of the most extravagant oak barrels and puncheons.
Almost opaque black colour, dark crimson at the rim. Sweet black berry fruit nose, a whiff of violets. Intense palate, flavours of sweet black berry fruits are joined by big grippy tannins. As the tannins slowly fade, they reveal notes of liquorice, tobacco and vanillin oak. Finish is long and lingering, as the sweet viscous fruit character returns. A Rutherglen of controlled intensity and might, seamlessly layered with profound tannin structure.
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