Campbells Isabella Rutherglen Topaque 375ml CONFIRM VINTAGE

Tokay Muscadelle Rutherglen Victoria
Rare Rutherglen Tokays are bottled in tiny quantities each year, for those privileged to taste them, these are wines of breathtaking flavour.
Available in cases of 6
Case of 6
Exclusively 100% Rutherglen Tokay (Muscadelle) from the quarantined Campbell Vineyards at Rutherglen. Fruit is left to ripen on the vine until as late as possible to ensure the necessary high degree of lusciousness. Juice is fermented for only a very short time before being fortified with neutral spirit and stored in oak to mature. Only the very best fruit from the finest vintages is used in the blend. As with any blended wine, it is difficult to specify an exact age. The oldest base wine is well over sixty years old, with only wines of the highest standard from excellent vintages being added to this outstanding solera. Alcohol 18.0%
A deep mahogany brown, olive hues indicate considerable years of maturation. Bouquet is a combination of malt and honey, with hints of raisins and the unmistakable scent of tea leaves, which is the hallmark of Rutherglen tokay. There is a real lusciousness and weight on the palate with full, mellow honeyed flavours, lingering complex rancio characters and drying tannins on the finish to balance the sweetness and prevent it from cloying. Blended for optimum flavour and balance prior to bottling, this wine will not improve with further cellaring and should ideally be enjoyed soon after opening. A world class wine, displaying the extraordinary qualities of the very richest and most complete barrels of Tokay.
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