Canadian Club 20 Years Whisky 700ml

Still made and bottled in Walkerville Ontario, Canadian Club is the only Canadian Whisky that's Barrel Blendedâ„¢ before maturation in casks of white oak. From patience comes perfection, an assemblage of carefully selected, barrel blended Whiskies, to create a blend that's rich and mellow with natural smoothness. The best Whiskies that can be produced from Canadian Rye, a mellow and slightly sweeter taste than traditional Malt Whiskies. Canadian Club, with its unique distilling process and brew of choice Rye grains has always been a cut above the rest.
An enduring international favourite, Canadian Club was first produced in a world where the spittoon was considered sophisticated. Life was harsh in the mid 1800s but the Whiskies were harsher. Hiram Walker set out to create a different style that offered a smoother, cleaner taste. Even in those days, Canadian Whisky was beginning to create a new flavour, combining richness and fruitiness with a cleaner, crisper palate. Lighter than Celtish Malts and smoother than the Americans, it was clear from the start that Canadian Club was no ordinary Whisky.
Canadian Club
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