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The 1890s brought boom years to the nascent Aussie wine industry, as connoisseurs throughout Europe and the Empire were introduced to the Dionysian delights of new world Claret by Tyrrell, St Huberts and Wirra Wirra. An enterprising family of Scots took heed of the times to plant grapevines on a uniquely auspicious block in Valley Clare, they called it St Andrew and produced forty vintages of the most sensational quality Claret until the 1930s. The Taylor family acquired the fallow farm in 1995 and brought St Andrew's vines back to life. The treasured block endures as home to the flagship range of Taylor wines, one of the most distinguished vineyards in all Australia. St Andrew's Cabernet was adjudicated by Union de la Sommellerie Franšaise as Best Cabernet Wine in the World at Concours International des Cabernets... *according to the french»


Nebbiolo Piedmont Italy
There are few wines in the pantheon of distinguished regional styles, as generously flavoured, exquisitely balanced and well fleshed, as the full bodied Nebbiolo from the commune of Barolo. The DOCG regulations are very strict, Barolo must be grown on sloped vineyards of a particular terroir and clime, aged a minimum of three years before release. Velvet textured, exquisitely rounded and full of delicious, savoury fruit, Barolo is worthy of the finest gourmandise, call on Canti for a delicate braise of oxtail and marrow, field mushrooms, white truffles and fragrant mountain herb.
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