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Right across the road from Jasper Hill's Emily Paddock,a precious parcel of ancient terra rosa soil was acquired and planted to vine by a baronial Mornington estate, highly accomplished growers with a consuming aspiration to grow the finest Shirazin all Heathcote. They settled on a coveted site along Drummond's Lane, strewn with unique green Cambrian shards, a sacred place to yield the top growth amongst single vineyardHeathcote Shiraz. Decades later, the vintages remain excruciatingly measured in availability. Painstakingly hand made, arcanely labelled behind the monikers, Pressings, Block F and Block C, the cherished editions of Heathcote Estate represent the Grand Cru of identifiably terroir driven, small vineyard Australian Shiraz... The likely lads of drummond's lane»

Caol Ila 15 Years Unpeated Islay Malt 700ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

Scotch Whisky
The ancient peat bogs on Isle of Islay make its local Malts highly unique, pungent, piquant and layered with character, they hold a very special place in the pantheon of esoteric, international luxury liquors. Caol Ila are one of Islay's lighter, finer Malts, less reliant on the visceral smokeyness of the island's precious peats, more so on the manifold richness of evolved and effusive barley sugar complexity. Fifteen years in oak without a hint of fumy peatyness, its apricot florals and chewy pectins are underpinned by briny breezes of prevailing maritime savouryness.
Caol Ila
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