Charles Cimicky Autograph Shiraz CONFIRM VINTAGE

Shiraz Barossa South Australia
Charles Cimicky was inspired by his father to take over the reins at the family estate, that's when the good wines started turning into awesome wines. Today, Cimicky is one of the most meticulous winemakers in South Australia. Cimicky makes cult wine with a recognizable wow factor, a tiny production and always very limited in availability. Judged first amongst peers, Charles Cimicky won the Barossa Wine Grape Council Trophy for the best wine from a small producer twice in succession, as well as the Vinpac International Trophy for Best Shiraz.
Story has it that as fruit slowly ripened on the vine, a small group of zealous Barossa pioneers would retreat to an old vineyard cottage for the twin enticements of cards and claret. In their hidden refuge, these normally hardworking and God-fearing men played Euchre whilst carefully concealed from the prying eyes of more diligent and puritanical souls. Now a lingering part of Barossa history, the crumbling remains of the original old cottage still stand amidst ancient vines that consistently produce wines of outstanding power and richness. An exceptional Barossa Shiraz within its range, by virtue of the high quality fruit, lavish use of the finest oak and painstaking skill of Charles Cimicky.
Deep scarlet colour. Rich bouquets, opulent with generous dark fruits, heady, aromatic, liquorice and cedar, blackberry and prune. A palate of dark chocolate and espresso, complex spice, the fruit, oak and tannins are inseparable.
Charles Cimicky
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