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One of our nation's enduring winemaking dynasties, the Hamiltons planted vines just outside Adelaide in 1837. Great grandson Sydney Hamilton was a legendary and innovative viticulturalist, he ultimately made his own oenological conversion to the sacred Terra Rosa soils of Coonawarra in 1974, establishing one of Australia's most distinguished vineyards on a highly auspicious site, naming the property after forebear Lord Leconfield. An exceptional value for Cabernet of its class, presaged by a vigorously perfumed berry punnet nose, syrup textured, stately and refined, Leconfield makes a compelling.. What the doctor recommends in good red wine»

Ciroc French Vodka 1750ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

Cîroc is crafted exclusively from two types of grapes, grown in the centuries old vineyards of the Gaillac and Cognac regions of France, Mauzac and Ugni Blanc. Cîroc is the world's first and only Vodka made exclusively from grapes. This innovation in employs a cold fermentation, unique to the world of Vodka, preserving the vivid freshness of fruit. Distilled five times, a taste which is exceptionally fresh and elegantly smooth.
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