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Muscat of Alexandria has flourished in the northeast of Victoria since settlement. Whilst it is well known for the thick, rich fortifieds that come out of Rutherglen, there are many clones, it is one of the few varietals that actually tastes of grape and can make the most refreshing wine. Coldstone's vineyards are situated on the higher altitudes of the Victorian Alpines, where wine grapes thrive under the cool climate conditions, crisp winters and warm summers. With or without food, a chilled Zibibbo is the ideal way to celebrate life.
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Coldstone places great emphasis on the importance of research, development, and sustainable land management. The estate's viticultural practices are a product of the environment, especially sites within the King Valley which is widely recognised as a pre-eminent area for alternate grape varieties, particularly those from the Mediterranean region. Zibibbo is a mostly Muscat wine with a minor component of Muscadelle which is added to enhance the complexity. Zibibbo is inoculated by aromatic yeasts and vinified at cool temperatures as low as 8C. The fermentation is arrested when the aromatics and flavour characteristics achieve perfect balance, and the wine is still slightly sweet. Approx 7.0%
Pale straw with a fine petulant bead and persistent mousse. The aroma is fresh and fruity, alive with zesty citrus, passionfruit and grape characters. An easy to enjoy, elegant and refined sparkling wine with fresh fruit flavours, a flavourful, persistent palate. Enjoy Zibibbo chilled with fresh summer fruits, chocolates and all desserts.
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