Dalwhinnie Moonambel Cabernet CONFIRM VINTAGE

Cabernet Sauvignon Pyrenees Victoria
Vintage 2004 represents twenty consecutive years of fine tuning within the vineyard and throughout the entire winemaking operation. Moonambel 2004 offers a palate and nose of exceptional depth and finesse, rating amongst the finest editions of Cabernet that Dalwhinnie have ever made. The style is fleshier than previous releases, bearing more fruit and tannin, endowed with great freshness and magnificent structure.
Available in cases of 6
Case of 6
Another challenging year and more great wines. The vintage itself for Dalwhinnie was outstanding, but with only average yields. Plenty of sunshine and minimal rain, but the volumes were down a little on the previous year. Moonambel Vineyard, in the parched districts of western Victoria, is strictly unirrigated, the emphasis here continues to lean strongly towards organic viticulture. The site has been re developed utilizing to a vertical shoot positioned canopy. Introduction of new and improved clones remains part of the ongoing viticultural program, enhancing and evolving the complexity of Dalwhinnie wines.
An enigmatic deep dark purple/ blue colour. Bouquet shows rich dark red fruits and bramble, menthol, mint and perfumes of violet. The palate holds an intense flavour profile, tight and restrained, well structured with juicy black fruits over finely grained cedary tannins. Lively and fully dimensional fruit flavours, very broad with nuances of blackberry, liquorice flavoured tnnins and ripe tarry fruit. The mouthfeel is finely textured with sweet cassis and cedary tones which run tightly across the palate.
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