Dawson James Chardonnay 2013 CONFIRM 2013 VINTAGE

Chardonnay Hobart Tasmania
Single vineyard Chardonnay from vines planted to the Meadowbank property, bounded by the fast flowing, pristine waters of Derwent River. Gerald and Sue Ellis established their first plantings on the rugged terrains of Meadowbank in 1974, the vineyard now holds a special place in the history of Tasmanian viticulture. Stephen Hickinbotham was the first to recognise potential of the site, Dawson & James Chardonnay vines were sown in 1989 and vine age now plays an important part in the flavour development and ultimate balance of the precious fruit.
Available in cases of 6
Case of 6
Quality and innovation have always been the driving forces behind Peter Dawson and Tim James. The two friends met in 1976 and now share the work behind one of the nation's finest Chardonnay vineyards. Grapes are hand picked just as the perfect balance of flavour and lively natural acidity is achieved. Berries are characterized by a beautiful green, gold translucency, freshness and crunchy texture. After a whole bunch press, the free run juices are vinified in French oak barriques through the action of hybridised wild yeasts, aimed at an even fermentation that doesn't impact on the innate character of terroir and fruit. An extra layer of complexity is derived from partial malolactic and ten months maturation in fine oak.
Straw yellow hue. An alluring wildness on the nose, a precise minerality of site is combined with primary grapefruit/ lemon characters. An extraordinary level of integration on the palate that's testimony to the intensity and balance of Chardonnay picked off vines over twenty years of age. The lasting impression is one of a fresh, natural lemon acidity and moreish mouthfeel that invites one back for another glass.
Dawson James
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