Deakin Estate Merlot CONFIRM VINTAGE

Merlot Murray Valley Victoria
The Deakin Estate range of wines was launched in the 1990s as a limited release. Since then the estate's bountiful vineyards have delivered world class wines that are being extremely well received internationally. The sun and rich soils of the Murray River Valley yield fully flavoured, easy drinking and intensely satisfying Merlot wines. Deakin Estate exhibits all the cherry/plum fruit flavours and soft tannins that's expected of good Merlot.
Deakin Estate was planted to premium wine grapes which were sold to other wineries until the 1980s. By the time the Deakin Estate range was launched in the 1990s, some of the vines had achieved considerable age, whilst newer vines were being planted. Deakin Estate's efforts are focused on producing fruit of the highest quality and expressive wines brimming with flavour and varietal character. The sunny microclimate and rich soils yield robust Merlot fruit, rich with varietal plummyness and soft tannins. The grapes are handled gently to extract the softest tannins, the juices are put through a slow maturation process to infuse the wine with warm oak complexity.
Medium density plum/ red hue. Olive and coffee aromas combined with plums, blackcurrant and light cinnamon. The fruit extends onto the palate, there are meaty characters, prunes and preserves, sweet briar, touches of mint, cherries in syrup, and velvety brown tannins. It closes nicely with a soft leafyness, a suppleness that's brilliantly suited to polenta quail.
Deakin Estate
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