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Halls Gap Vineyard was planted 1969, along the steep eastern slopes and parched rocky crags of Grampians Ranges, at the very beginning of a renaissance in Victorian viticulture. Since early establishment in the 1860s by the noble Houses of Seppelt and Bests, the region had earned the most elite peerage, a provenance of extraordinary red wines, bursting with bramble opulence and lined with limousin tannins. The Halls Gap property had long been respected as a venerable supplier to the nation's most illustrious brands. Seppelt and Penfolds called on harvests from Halls Gap for their finest vintages. Until 1996, when it was acquired by the late, great Trevor Mast, who was very pleased to bottle Hall Gap's fruit behind the exhalted label of Mt Langi Ghiran. Halls Gap joined the tally of Circe estate vineyards in 2013, whence it yields a wine that's earmarked for icon status by the most discerning industry pundits, now branded under the cryptic moniker of Fallen Giants... Land of the fallen giants»

Deakin Estate Sauvignon Blanc CONFIRM VINTAGE

Sauvignon Blanc Murray Valley Victoria
Established 1967, Deakin Estate sold their harvests until a winery was built in 1980. Many of the vines have now achieved considerable age, but the team's efforts remain focused on producing fruit of the highest quality and wines brimming with flavour. A brightly lit, fruit forward Sauvignon Blanc that's best enjoyed young for its zesty, youthful freshness. Classic food accompaniements are oysters and goat's cheese but shellfish and chicken asparagus would also be a great match.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
Sauvignon Blanc is harvested from the Deakin Estate vineyard at Red Cliffs near Mildura in the sunny Murray Darling. The vignerons monitor their vines very closely throughout the ripening period, as the decision of when to pick is critical to the quality of the finished wine. The challenge is to fashion a Sauvignon Blanc that's herbaceous and just moving into the sub tropical characters, a brilliant, fresh and pungent place to be. Cold fermentations, a careful selection and finishing are all that follows, getting the time of picking just right is crucial and the rest comes naturally.
Pale straw with a fresh lime green tinge. A fully herbaceous nose with characters of fresh rocquet and coriander leaf, followed by lime and kiwifruit aromas. Delicious and savoury on the palate, Deakin Estate is decidedly fruity, light bodied and zingy, with lemongrass and lime, feijoa and kiwifruit. Generously flavoured zesty and styled, a brilliant match to Thai recipes featuring coriander seeds or kaffir lime.
Deakin Estate
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