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Johann Gottfried Scholz served in the Prussian army as a battlefield bonesetter, before joining the great emigration of Lutherans from Silesia to Barossa Valley. After building a family homestead along the alluvial banks of Para River, Gottfried established a mixed farm of livestock and crops, fruit trees and grapevines, Semillon and Shiraz. His acumen at healing fractures and setting splints made Gottfried a leading local identity, as his homestead cottage evolved into the Barossa's very first private hospital. Over a century later, the exceptional quality of harvest from Gottfried's original homestead, made the fruit of Willows Vineyard, an essential component in the most memorable vintages of Peter Lehmann, Saltram and Kaiser Stuhl. Scholz are still in charge, pruning their vines and pressing their harvests into limited releases of the finest exemplars in old world style, Barossa village.. Savour the shiraz by scholz»

Delamain XO Pale Dry Cognac 500ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

Produced exclusively from Grande Champagne, the first growth of Cognac, aged for many long years. An assemblage of old Grande Champagne Eaux de Vie, each Cognac is separately matured in well seasoned Limousin oak casks. Draped in bright, light amber robes with flashes of gold, named Pale because of its elegant clarity, and Dry because it retains only the natural sweetness of the distillate. The humid old cellars near the river infuse Delamain with intense perfumes and exceptional length of fragrance.
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