Michelini Devils Creek Alpine Valley Merlot CONFIRM VINTAGE

Merlot Alpine Victoria
Devils Creek runs along the base of Mount Buffalo, providing a precious source of water to replenish vines which yield the most splendid harvests of Alpine Valley Merlot. The creek was famous for disappearing underground some years and welling up again in plentiful supply during others, leaving the exasperated locals to liken it to the devil himself. A vibrant cherry red wine exuding lifted ripe plum and chocolate notes. Fully flavoured with a hint of cool climate spice and fine oak integration. Who knows, a few glasses of Devils Creek may bring out the devil in you.
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Case of 12
Established in 1982, the Michelini Vineyard is perched in the Buckland Valley between the snow capped peaks of Mt Buffalo and the pristine crystal clear waters of Devil's Creek. The Alpine winters and cool summers nights characteristic of this secluded valley provide ideal conditions for maturing premium grapes. Yield is regulated on the ten hectares Merlot blocks by removal of secondary shoots prior to flowering, and by removal of excessive bunches per shoot at veraison. Leaf removal in the fruiting zone is carried out to improve exposure to sunlight. Devil's Creek develops lovely charry vanilla characters and the gentlest of tannins from a spell of ageing in fine French oak barrels.
Medium cherry hues. Lifted ripe plum and chocolate notes, elegant bouquets of berry and spice. Just so soft on the palate, velvety textured and yet quite naughty! A sweeter style of Merlot which you simply must try chilled for a refreshing change.
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