Chardonnay Champagne Reims France
Dom Ruinart was the visionary behind the most ancient maison in Champagne. Fashioned exclusively from the finest of all Chardonnay Grand Cru grapes, grown to the most superior Côte des Blancs and Montagne de Reims vineyards. The remarkable qualities of this wine has brought fame to the Goût Ruinart, the inimitable, universally recognizable palate and nose of Dom Ruinart. A wine of renowned vivacity, and a rare expression of the world's most superlative Chardonnay, a magical experience.
An early pioneer and innovator, the House of Ruinart remains to this day the most exclusive of Champagnes. Ruinart was the first Champagne estate to acquire it's own crayeres for the purpose of ageing wine, the only ones to be classed as a historic monument. The depth of the pits and the chalk from which they are made provide perfect thermal stability and optimum humidity. The constant low temperature leads to a slow prise de mousse, an effervescence of incomparable quality. The fermenting wines are aged and riddled over a period of weeks, constantly turned to release the lees sediments. After disgorgement and liqueur doseage, they are returned to the crayeres for several more years of maturation.
Deep golden, lingering effervescence. Soft aromas are followed by hints of reine claude plum, peaches and pears. The balanced elegance of Dom Ruinart makes it the ultimate indulgence, varietally pure, Ruinart is a heightening of the senses and an illumination. It is the quintessence of fine Champagne, a taste and scent of excellence, the aesthete of life, offering sensual pleasure and absolute refinement.
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