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Excruciatingly low yields, a ruthless hand sorting of fruit, ferments in new oak barrels and twenty months maturation, Bowen Estate are one of Coonawarra's most prestigious marques, maintaining a standard of excellence which merits inclusion into the highly prestigious Langtons Classification of Australian Wine. Essential for every enthusiast of stellar quality Cabernet Sauvignon, brought within easy reach this week at the down to earth.. Excellent langtons classification of australian wine»

Chandon Domaine Pinot Gris CONFIRM VINTAGE

Pinot Gris Grigio Whitlands King Victoria
Pinot Gris remains an inspiration to the most accomplished winemakers, its myriad of interpretations and stylistic variations can make this engaging varietal a rewarding experience for the dedicated artisan. Domaine Chandon capture the pristine cool climate character of Pinot Gris in a wine of balance and sophistication. Grapes are sourced from the Whitlands Plateau vineyard at 800 metres above sea level. The altitude and continental climes deliver a harvest of intensely flavoured fruit, endowed with a judicious measure of bright natural acidity.
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Domaine Chandon have taken the pick of cool climate sites, to establish superior slow ripening vineyards across the finer viticultural precincts of greater Victoria. Pinot Gris is harvested off the Chandon Whitlands Plateau property as grapes achieve full physiological ripeness. Vines are meticulously managed to ensure that canopies are trimmed for optimal exposure to sunlight. This allows the grapes to achieve full flavour ripeness in conjunction with well balanced sugar and acid levels. Bunches are pressed into controlled fermenters and treated to a vinification aimed at retaining vibrant varietal fruit characters. Close lees contact contributes palate richness and silky textures to the finished wine.
Light straw, pale green hues. Deliciously aromatic floral notes of rose petal, jasmine and ginger blossom, apricot and pear fruits are supported by exotic floral aromas. Richly textured, mouthfilling with fresh acidity, the palate is brimming with floral nutty flavours, complexed by pear and apricot, seasoned by a touch of baking spice. A lingering, drying mineral, well balanced finish.
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