De Jarras Domaine Pink Flamingo Rose CONFIRM VINTAGE

Grenache Camargue France
The Camargue is a grand river delta in the south of France, along the Côte Méditerranéenne and Golfe du Lion, within the greater province of Languedoc Roussillon. A vast plain of wild horses and bull husbandry, reedy marshes and shallow lagoons, teeming with flocks of languorous pink flamingos. Grenache is the grape of choice, the locals make every style of wine from it, red and white, sparkling and Rosé. Domaine De Jarras have been crafting exceptional pink wines here since the 1860s, brimming with fruit and structured for savoury, gourmandise fare.
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A venerable estate of some historical import, Domaine De Jarras practise the challenging viticulture of beach sands and estuary soils. Planted within metres of the Mediterranean, their vineyards are nourished by rich sediments deposited by River Rhône. Jarras Vineyard bears the dubious distinction of being sown to 35,000 landmines during World War II in an effort to repel Allied invasion, ultimately refurbished with a plan to yielding the most consistent vintages of Grenache every year. Grapes are lightly crushed and chilled into pneumatic presses to isolate the tête de cuvée. Batches are treated to ferment at lower temperatures for a long, cool vinification.
Beautifully radiant candy pink hues. Lychee nose, complex yet delicate, peach and apricot notes, a cocktail of exotic fruits. Intense, luxuriant mouthfeel, a fully fleshed palate laden with apple fruit flavours, cherries and, resolving on a burst of red berry notes and cheeky red licorice characters. A match to white fishes in lemon caper sauces, Sole meunière, moules à la tomate or coquilles au piment.
De Jarras
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