Evans Tate Classic Pinot Chardonnay N.V CONFIRM VINTAGE

Chardonnay Pinot Noir Margaret River Western Australia
Evans & Tate have assembled components of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from across several vintages, applying a course of extravagant yeast autolysis and lees battonage, enriching the base wines and artfully composing the definitive Margaret River Cuvee Brut. A splendid sparkler with delicate bead and elegant mousse, its creamy fruit character, engaging biscuit complexity and appealing freshness, make Evans & Tate the aperitif of choice to accompany ripe strawberries, canapes or your favourite faire.
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Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are collated from vineyards which have consistently yielded harvests most suitable for a sparkling wine, characterized by intense flavour profile and good retention of natural grape acids at ripeness. Bunches are crushed and the highest quality juices are settled for two days at 10C, to be racked off and warmed for inoculation. A long, cool fermentation until dry, is followed by a term on yeast lees to impart texture and delicate yeasty notes. A select batch of exceptional Chardonnay is left to mature on heavy yeast lees, stirred regularly to keep the sediments in suspension, imparting great complexity and exquisite texture into the finished wine. Alcohol 12.0%
Pale straw with youthful green hue, fine effervescence breaking evenly across the palate. Bright, fresh and fruity nose, green apple and white peach, honeydew melon with lifted notes of honeysuckle. Subtle shortbread and fresh yeast characters impart complexity. The palate is creamy and textural, apple, peach and melon flavours dominate with time on yeast lees adding a delicate almond note, carrying the wine to a clean, dry finish.
Evans Tate
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