Evans Tate Classic White CONFIRM VINTAGE

Semillon Sauvignon Blanc Chardonnay Margaret Western Australia
A highly engaging, finely attenuated accord of Semillon with Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. Evans and Tate have gained international renown with their classic Margaret River style of dry white wine. Semillon lends distinctive characters of milk thistle and slate, Sauvignon Blanc contributes a zingy frappe of vegetables, gooseberry and lychee, Chardonnay adds structure and fine fruit.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
Batches of the best grapes showing intense varietal flavours and high natural acidity at lower baumes levels are selected from good Margaret River vineyards. Parcels of Sauvignon Blanc purposefully grown for the Classic White style receive an enzyme addition in the vineyard to encourage flavour and aroma extraction from skins prior to crushing. On completion of ferments, parcels are sulphured, chilled and coarse clarified to avoid extended contact on yeast lees. Some components are kept on light yeast lees for a period, building texture. The batches are then assembled, followed by a fine earth filtration. Minimal handling throughout achieves an intensely aromatic and varietally expressive wine.
Brilliant pale straw with fresh green hue. Lifted tropical aromas of passionfruit, lychee and gooseberry, a touch of nectarine from the Chardonnay. Semillon contributes pungent characters of grassyness and slate. The palate is juicy and succulent, exhibiting nectarine and tropical fruits, culminating in a fresh citrus finish. Juicy and well balanced, with a touch of maritime sultryness, a marvelous accompaniment to calamari, avocado and crab.
Evans Tate
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