Evans Tate Gnangara Sauvignon Blanc CONFIRM VINTAGE

Sauvignon Blanc Manjimup Pemberton Western Australia
Gnangara, pronounced nan-gara, is a reference to the underground spring which nourishes much of the fertile region surrounding the original Evans & Tate wineworks. The perpetually replenished vines yield grapes with great flavour intensity and natural acidity, particularly from sites around Manjimup and Pemberton. The freshness of lime zest comes from Manjimup, Pemberton contributes vital slatey and grassy characters.
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Sauvignon Blanc, principally from Manjimup and Pemberton, a pure varietal wine of intensity and concentration. The cool maritime nights and favourable ripening seasons stimulate the vines to develop pungent characters and electrifying acids in the fruit. Grapes are picked throughout the cool of night and lightly pressed. Juices are cold settled in tank at 10C for two days before being racked, warmed to 17C and inoculated to choice strains of yeast for a cool fermentation. Upon completion, portions are kept on light, fresh yeast lees for up to three months. Components are assembled and lightly fined, stabilised and filtered, minimal handling retains the attractive primary fruit qualities of the Gnangara style. Alcohol 13.0%
Brilliant pale yellow hue. Intensely varietal with layers of lime zest, fig, passionfruits and cut grass. Dry and beautifully refreshing, especially when slightly chilled. The freshness of lime zest comes from the Manjimup component, Pemberton contributes slatey, grassy flavours. Dry and beautifully refreshing, especially when consumed slightly chilled alongside the freshest faire.
Evans Tate
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