Compania Licorera de Nicaragua Flor De Cana 12 Years Centenario Rum 700ml

Flor de Cana pride themselves on the consistency that only an estate Rum can guarantee. Produced with the finest molasses from sugar cane harvested in fields adjacent to the distillery at Chichigalpa in Nicaragua, your next taste of Flor de Cana will be precisely as you remember. The unique slow ageing method means you can savour the years of ageing. Combining the latest distillation technology with the craftsmanship involved in the selection of natural ingredients, with slow ageing and blending, the world's very finest is available to you today.
Reddish amber hues. Rich nose of evolved, honeyed angostura characters, applejack and spice. A stately, elegant and semi sweet palate, flavours of nougat and almond butter, molasses and sherry abound. Finishes to peppery spice, dark caramel and characters of charred oak. Highly recommended by Wine Enthusiast, the winner of thirteen international awards, Centenario 12 Years Old is history in the making. Enjoy Centenario neat or on the rocks with a splash of water.
Compania Licorera de Nicaragua
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