Compania Licorera de Nicaragua Flor De Cana 18 Years Centenario Rum 700ml

Flor de Cana acquires its tawny amber colour, rich flavour, smooth taste and unique aroma whilst ageing in small American white oak barrels. Traditional barrelhouses built without air conditioning provide Flor de Cana a natural, undisturbed environment for the full flavour to unfold. Every drop in every bottle is aged for precisely the number of years on the label. Distilled five times through the most extravagant craftsmanship and a continuous distillation column process, the Master Distiller follows the century old guidelines to ensure that Flor de Cana is the finest Rum in the world.
Golden amber hues. Savoury bouquets, citrus and grilled nut characters, treacle and pecans. This stunning Rum is full bodied, offering a rich complexity of flavour before a smooth, semless, long and lingering finish. The 18 year Centenario Gold is almost two decades in the making, you can taste the craftsmanship and tradition in every drop.
Compania Licorera de Nicaragua
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