Frogmore Creek Iced Riesling 375ml CONFIRM VINTAGE

Riesling Hobart Tasmania
Frogmore Creek is one of Tasmania's most highly awarded wineries. Situated at Penna, just outside Hobart, critical climate indicators such as rainfall and temperature, sunshine hours and number of rain days, combine in perfect balance to create an ideal natural environment for the harvest of richly flavoured Riesling. Slow ripening conditions yield fully developed fruit with an even acidity and exquisite balance. Dry and icy polar winds serve to dehydrate the grapes, a freeze concentration of chilled pressings intensifies natural sugars and heightens flavour.
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Frogmore Creek aims to nurture and maintain a biologically diverse environment for the health of vines and fauna. By utilising sustainable farming methods, the waterways remain a safe place for frogs, fish and birds. Since the first vines were planted and the dams established, four species of frogs have made the Frogmore Creek Vineyard their home. Grapes are all hand picked, crushed into press for overnight cold soak to maximise aroma and flavour extraction from skins. De-juiced with only slight pressure prior to freeze concentration, inoculated and treated to a controlled vinification at 16˚C until sugar/ acid/ alcohol balance achieved. The finished Ice Riesling is cross flow filtered to preserve freshness. Alcohol 8.0%
Luminous straw colour. A nose of orange zest, lemon blossom and thick raisin scents lead on to a luscious palate of ripe stonefruit, soft sweet apricots and baked apple characters. A fully aromatic Riesling Icewine with intense flavours and a concentration of natural fruit sugars, layers of complexity build as it sits in the glass and evolves. The finish lingers indefinitely, kept vital by characteristicly cool climate mineral acid. To accompany lemon curd tarts and fine Tasi cheese.
Frogmore Creek
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