Galliano Liqueur 700ml

Is there anyone ot there who has not been swept away by the beautifully enigmatic flavours of Liquore Galliano? A disarmingly harmonious blend of the most exquisite oils and sweet, enticing fruity spices. To the eye, Galliano shows a remarkably warm and intense glow which emanates from it's vivid yellow liquid. A luminous, crystal clear liqueur that's visibly succulent, shimmering with golden reflections. To the nose, Galliano offers a balanced aromatic intensity, a strong and sweet vanilla nose supported by hints of anise and spice.
Available in cartons of six
Case of 6
Galliano is all that is great about Italy. A dedication to artisanal craftsmanship, combined with imagination and flair. A belief in doing things in the right way, no matter the time or expense. A passion for the finer pleasures of life, respect for heritage and tradition, while embracing the future with open arms. To this day, the making of Galliano remains a closely guarded secret. With a recipe that reads more like a medieval elixir of bespoke herbs, tree bark and roots, spices and flower seed, Galliano begins it’s life with the meticulous sorting and quality control of thirty plant extracts, juniper and Mediterranean anise, musk yarrow and lavender, peppermint, cinnamon and vanilla.
Golden yellow colour. An nose of piquant, pulsating vanilla, white fruit and cranberries, white chocolate and a multitude of spice. Smooth and creamy palate, white chocolate and milk bottle, seasoned by gentle aniseed and aromatic herbs, a warming harmony of complex notes, as the afterfinish of creamy vanilla lingers and evolves.
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