Galliano White Sambuca Liqueur 700ml

A premium anise liqueur from the great house of Galliano offering a luscious viscous heady liquor of strong aromatic intensity, well emphasized by the alcoholic strength and refined flavours. The first impression is one of freshness balanced by floral notes of star aniseed and highlighted fresh leafy essential oils. Smooth and complex notes of a secret blend of aromatic herbs adds richnes and complexity giving support to the fine supple anise tones. There remains a strength and purity of alcohol that slowly trembles with alternating nuances as the lingering aftertaste develops.
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The first impression is one of great smoothness, of an agreeable unctuousness resulting from the right balance between fruit and fresh anise. The vibrant and stimulating notes of apparently living star aniseed lead onto a an aromatic complexity of green aniseed and other herbs that can then be perceived, to be intimately mixed with the aromatic strength of the star aniseed. The strength of alcohol and aniseed notes offer pleasant warmth, as the surprising combination of the freshness of aniseed and the quality of the mysterious blend linger and fulfil.
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