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There are fewer than twenty hectares of Stefano Lubiana vines, overlooking the spectacular tidal estuary of Derwent River. Chosen for its felicitious winegrowing aspects, it is a place of scrupulously clean soils, free of any pesticides or manufactured treatments. Insects are welcome here, they are mother nature's endorsement of a holistically biodynamic viticulture. Lubiana is a fifth generation winemaker, one of the apple isle's leading vignerons, he works to an arcane system of seasonal chronometers, governed by cosmic rhythms, the turning of leaves and angle of the moon. His wines are given full indulgence to make themselves. Ferments lie undisturbed and.. Celestial wines from southern climes»
Excruciatingly low yields, a ruthless hand sorting of fruit, ferments in new oak barrels and twenty months maturation, Bowen Estate are one of Coonawarra's most prestigious marques, maintaining a standard of excellence which merits inclusion into the highly prestigious Langtons Classification of Australian Wine. Essential for every enthusiast of stellar quality Cabernet Sauvignon, brought within easy reach this week at the down to earth.. Excellent langtons classification of australian wine»
Marlborough viticulture owes much to the import of emigres from war torn Europe. Many were skilled fruit growers while others were passionate winemakers. They quickly discovered the magical affinity between aromatic white varietals and the mistral valleys of Te Wai Pounamu... Match a meal with maria»
Heirloom Vineyards were born of love. A romance between an esteemed wine judge and his protege, consumated by a shared passion to preserve the integrity of venerable old vineyards. A deference for the sanctity of the soil and adherence to the timeless procedures of organic viticulture, were an integral part of the vision. Their parching quest, to secure some grand old blocks of vine in the elder precincts of Adelaide Hills, Coonawarra, Barossa and Valley Eden, were followed by years of corrective husbandry, pencil label releases and bespoke vintages. The fostered old vines have now been resurrected, yielding treasured harvests of the most sublime new world.. Serenading sleeping vineyards to life»


Pinot Gris Grigio New Zealand
The thrill of a new vintage is what keeps the Giesen team going. It's all about nurturing the vines to yield parcels of the most vibrant fruit. While Giesen retain a comprehensive host of good vineyards throughout the greater viticultural precincts of Aotearoa, it is the aim of the winemakers to ensure that nothing but the finest Pinot Gris grapes are considered for inclusion. A stylish wine with excellent varietal definition and distinctive regionality, as hints of lychee and lemongrass enhance a captivating palate of ripe stonefruit, floral citrus and honeyed, nutty complexity.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
The distinctive pungency and zesty qualities of completely ripe Pinot Gris have captured the heart of Giesen. It is the light, refreshing fruit driven taste and engaging complexity of the finished Pinot Gris wine that inspires the team. Giesen work intensively in the vineyard to identify the harvest window for each site, that one or two days when fruit flavours are peaking. All sites must be closely monitored to determine the ideal time for harvest, based upon a criteria of flavour development and acid decrease as the grapes continue to ripen. Giesen aim for consistency of character and quality from vintage to vintage, as low yielding vines and slow ripening climes are what make the wines so special.
Light straw colour. A bouquet of lemon and jonagold apple, bosc pear and white florals with a pinch of baking spice, nougat and pinenut. An effusive palate of citrus and kiwifruits, butternut and creamy biscuit characters. A delicate acid finish with hints of mineral and lingering tropical fruit. Excellent as an aperitif or accompaniement to Al Fresco.
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