Glenmorangie Tarlogan Single Malt 700ml

Scotch Whisky
In the far north of Scotland, beside the ancient Royal Burgh of Tain, is Glenmorangie Distillery. Nestled in a quiet clearing nearby, surrounded by fragrant gorse and towering pines, Tarlogie Spring has served as the sole source of water for Glenmorangie whiskyworks since 1843. Its unique, mineral rich flows are essential to the uniqueness of Glenmorangie. Articulate of the sweet purity which define Tarlogie springs, aged in virgin oak and seasoned Bourbon cask, Tarlogan evokes the botanical aromas of an early summer morning walk through the woods.
Overlooking the unspoilt shores of the Moray Firth, nestled amongst the ruins of an old castle, is the stately 17th century Glenmorangie House. The name Glenmorangie comes from Scots Gaelic Gleann mor na sithe which means valley of tranquillity, a perfect description of the peaceful setting near Tain. A leading Parisian perfumer has identified no less than 26 individual aromas in Glenmorangie, from apricot and bergamot to cinnamon and quince.
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