Gracebrook King Valley Pinot Grigio CONFIRM VINTAGE

Pinot Gris Grigio King Valley Victoria
Gracebrook understand the importance of matching the right terroir and microclime to each unique grape, maximizing potential of the finished wine. Fresh, aromatic Pinot Gris requires cool climates, a long growing season and low yields to keep it's acidity in check and to showcase the brightness of it's fruit, conditions that the King Valley offer aplenty and that Gracebrook Vineyard enjoy in particular. A juicy Pinot Grigio brimming with fine flavours, tantalizingly crisp and clean, judiciously fruit driven and of course, highly food friendly.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
Every Pinot Grigio vine is closely husbanded to attain a balance between its crop load to leaf surface, permitting fruit to ripen soundly. Exposure to sunlight is limited by shading on the northwest side to protect the development of flavours. Each parcel is critically assessed with the aim of harvesting at just the right point where a synergy between ripe fruit sugars and vibrant acids is achieved. This is critical for Pinot Grigio as a day or two variance in either direction translates into a completely different style of wine. Following the crush, care is taken to handle fermentations with as little interference as possible, allowing the true character of the vineyard and seasonal influence to be retained.
Light peach yellow colour. A fresh crisp bouquet with a strong scent of pear, subdued spice, apricot and pinenut. Hints of melon and quince yield to secondary impressions of Limoncello and pawpaw, all combined within a medium weight palate of drying fruit and a tantalisingly creamy mouthfeel. A good choice alongside seafoods, poultry and lightly sauced pasta recipes.
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