Gracebrook King Valley Sangiovese CONFIRM VINTAGE

Sangiovese King Valley Victoria
The noble varietal grape of Tuscany and essence of the rich Chianti blends, sassy Sangiovese requires special care in the making. Selection of soils and of clone, aspects and microclimate, all play a significant role in unlocking the inimitable mix of fruit characters within this evocative grape. Gracebrook is a product of passion and skill in the vinification. The aim is to preserve the innate qualities of chewy tannins and titillating spice, to retain the masculine nose and muscular palate in a fruit driven style that has made King Valley famous for wine.
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The Italianate style of dry and tannic Sangiovese has it's genesis within the warm and sunny climes which surround lower altitudes. Sangiovese requires great care and patience to ripen properly in the higher, slow ripening conditions of King Valley, and clonal selection has never been more important. Traditional winemaking techniques are embraced within a modern approach to vinification. The fruit is handled promptly and minimally to retain ripe berry characters and bold tannin structure in the wine. Treated to a period of maturation in a combination of high quality French oak barrels, Gracebrook is a proudly Australian style of Sangiovese, softer, fresher and more bightly lit than it's Tuscan siblings.
Lively ruby colour. Fragrances of ripe raspberry. The palate is broad and mouth filling with fine grained tannins. Savoury and spice flavours abound, moderately rich with a sweet fruit start and soft dry finish. A lighter, more approachable rendering of Sangiovese, Gracebrook can be enjoyed with a wide range of Italian faire and matches well to veal and lamb dishes.
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