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There are fewer than twenty hectares of Stefano Lubiana vines, overlooking the spectacular tidal estuary of Derwent River. Chosen for its felicitious winegrowing aspects, it is a place of scrupulously clean soils, free of any pesticides or manufactured treatments. Insects are welcome here, they are mother nature's endorsement of a holistically biodynamic viticulture. Lubiana is a fifth generation winemaker, one of the apple isle's leading vignerons, he works to an arcane system of seasonal chronometers, governed by cosmic rhythms, the turning of leaves and angle of the moon. His wines are given full indulgence to make themselves. Ferments lie undisturbed and movements to barrel are led by gravity. A peerless expression of vintage, an orphic approach to the winemaker's art, a humbling eloquence of our southernmost.. Celestial wines from southern climes»
Gary and Nick Farr are father and son, they make wine together but aren't afraid to go head to head when their opinions differ. Nick grew up amongst some of the world's most sacred vineyards, he knows about the land and found a magnificent little site, barely east of Lake Colac. Irrewarra is the vigneron's shangri-la, prepared for viticulture by generations of grazing and eons of the sobering south sea breezes, which stimulate vines to yield meagre harvests of parched little grapes, sleek of tannin and rich in flavour. Vintaged in excruciatingly limited lots, there are fully two styles of Irrewarra on offer, a grapefruit and oyster shell Chardonnay, a Pinot Noir of pasture and of place, both finished to delight the senses and to excite the most inscrutable palates... It's irrewarra by farr»

Hardys Oomoo McLaren Vale Shiraz CONFIRM VINTAGE

Shiraz McLaren Vale South Australia
Oomoo was among the first of Thomas Hardy's great bestowments to the nascent Australian palate. In its day a rich and robust red wine, Oomoo has been reintroduced in commemoration of Hardy's third golden jubilee. This multi award winning Shiraz has been widely acclaimed as one of the great value red wine buys in Australia and abroad. Hardys take the pick of the crop from the best vineyards in McLaren Vale and set it aside for Oomoo, a Shiraz of reliability and abundance of ripe fruit flavours, stylishness and satisfying, savoury tannins.
All of Hardy's viticultural resources retain strong regional identity, varietal purity and requisite charm. The winemaking team endeavour to assemble those parcels which can achieve a profound construct in the enduring Hardy's style. Harvests of Shiraz, some of which are picked by hand, are collated off vines up to forty years of age, planted to fine McLaren Vale soils ranging from deep sands to shaley red clays over limestone. Fruit is vinified in static fermenters while being treated to a course of rack and returns for optimal extractions and varietal complexity. Upon completion of ferments and malolactic, Oomoo is matured in a selection of well seasoned French and American oak barrels.
Deep red with ruby hues. The nose is loaded with ripe red berries and spice notes, underscored by classic McLaren Vale dark chocolate characters, festive cake and vanillin oak. A full flavoured, rich and mouthfilling palate, lingering with concentrated plum spice characters over a harmonious integration of soft, fine tannins. Luscious flavours of black cherry and plum, panforte and chocolate on a generous mouthfeel, before a fine, lingering finish.
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