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An illustrious vineyard winery of great historical import, the Kay Brothers Amery property is planted to sacred vines which can be traced back to cuttings transplanted from the original Hardy site at Tintara. Holding pride of place as one of Mclaren Vale's first commercial vineyards, the winemaking practices at Kay Brothers have remained largely unchanged since establishment in the nineteenth century. An ancient basket press, painted bright red, is still employed to gently crush grapes in the traditional old world way. The exquisite Kay Brothers range remains one of the most sensational values in superior vintages of new world wine, the fruit of distinguished old vines, family operated since establishment, an essential experience for every enthusiast of the timeless and enduring Aussie Claret style... The essence & excellence of old mclaren vale vines»

Helm Canberra Cabernet CONFIRM VINTAGE

Cabernet Sauvignon Murrumbateman New South Wales
The Canberra district is well known for its temperate climes, briskly invigorated by the salty ocean breezes known as Bateman's breath, its surrounds are so very similar to the venerable viticultures of Bordeaux. Ken Helm planted Cabernet Sauvignon vines here in 1973, coddled since establishment and husbanded by Helm, they yield the most exquisite harvests. An old world style of winemaking encourages the fruit to speak for itself. Matured two years in a luxuriously high proportion of new French oak, a bed of firm ripe tannins underpin a compelling construct of our nation's, most capital Cabernet.
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