Sullivans Cove Hobart No 4 Batch Distilled Gin 700ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

No place makes a finer Gin than Tasmania, consider the pristine highlands water and indigenous botanicals, add your favourite garnish and indulge in Hobart No.4, an exquisite Dry Gin, characterised by its piquancy of anise and lemon myrtles, local lanceolata and wild wattleseed. Sullivan's Cove take a no expenses spared approach to defining the finest malted barley Spirit, infused with a bespoke gazette of wild weed, tonics and herb, a marvelous experience of Gin with profound structure, character and style, it will delight and impress from the very first sip.
Crystal clear hues. Bright lemon and fresh pine needles, white pepper and malts. Herbaceous flavours, notes of cracked peppercorn, orange peels and grapefruit, liquorice and vanilla spice. Cloves and cinnamon curl give way to a slightly sweet, deliciously smooth, long and malty finish.
Sullivans Cove
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