Lion-Nathan Inner Circle Green Navy Strength Rum 700ml CONFIRM AVAILABILITY

Rums Overproof 57%
Superior Australian Rum of the most exclusive kind, originally Distilled for the board of Colonial Sugar Refinery directors, reissued after many years to claim Best Rum Trophy at the world's toughest liquor show, London's highly prestigious International Wine & Spirit Competition. For years it was enjoyed by an esoteric few, an inner circle, it was spoken about discreetly and in whispers. Today, the circle is widening, as Australia's finest Rum evokes passion among the growing tide of devoted and enthusiastic fine Spirit connoisseurs.
Available in cartons of six
Case of 6
Golden amber hues. Rose notes on the bouquet, raisins, white chocolate and dried banana. Mouthfilling and sweet, layer after layer of progressively drier oak characters, angostura and apricot flavours, treacle notes and caramelled nutmeg spice, finishing long, aromatic and warm.
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