Innocent Bystander Pink Moscato CONFIRM VINTAGE

Muscat Swan Hill Victoria
A lively cépage of Black and Gordo Muscat grown to the Boulton and Duffy, Burge, Wall and Pratt Vineyards at Swan Hill. Early harvest is essential to arrive at a benign level of alcohol, a palate full of flavour, crispy citrus tang and natural fruit sweetness. A scrumptuous wine with an exotic mix of watermelon, musk and rose petal flavours, red apple, hubba bubba and pink ice cream. It's low in alcohol but a single bottle is unlikely to be enough because with a drink this good, there's no excuse for not sharing.
Available by the dozen
Case of 12
Black Muscat grapes are picked later than parcels of Gordo Muscat to allow for colour development. All fruit is harvested at night to modest sugar baumes, as flavour ripeness is achieved at lower sugar levels. Grapes are chilled and crushed, treated to six hours skin contact for optimal extraction of pink hues from the Black Muscat. Fruit is then pressed into fermenters and the juices inoculated for a long and cold vinification until full natural carbonation is reached and the optimum balance between sugar and alcohol is achieved. The finished wine is cold filtered and chill bottled at 0°C to retain freshness and effervescence, before sealing under crown cap to capture the effervescence. Alcohol 5.5%
Lipstick colour with salmon hue, a slight frizzante and delicate bead. Fruit tingle and sherbet, fairy floss and fresh fuzzy peach nose. Sticky, a real turkish delight, raspberry jelly, peach sherbet and rosewater palate, clean and crisp, makes the most wonderful apertif. Match with fresh pancakes and poached fruit or cheeses and muscadel.
Innocent Bystander
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