Jack Daniels Old No7 Black Label 1.75 litres Cradle

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In 1895, a salesman from the Illinois Alton Glass Company showed Mr. Jack an untested bottle design, square with a fluted neck. More than 100 years later the square bottle remains a symbol for Jack Daniel's quality, full of character, just like the Whiskey within. Jack Daniels hs continued to introduce eye catching commemorative bottles in limited quantities. Today, the distillery carries on this tradition with the release of a strictly limited edition, a decorative 1.75 Litre decanter bottle, cradled within a finely worked American Oak trestle.
In 1866, to distinguish his Whiskey from all the others, Jack Daniel first bottled his Tennessee Whiskey in earthenware jugs under a cork stopper, with his own name stenciled on the jugs. As glass bottles became the rage, Jack Daniels Whiskey was sold in a standard round glass mold bottle, embossed with the Distillery name. Since his charcoal mellowed Whiskey was different, Jack Daniels, always the innovator, began trialling uniquely shaped bottles. Some of the limited edition bottles, such as the Gold Medal series, honour Mr. Jack's accomplishments, while others capture the spirit and style of the era from whence they originate.
Jack Daniels
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